At Adelaide Institute of Hair & Beauty, our mission is to deliver quality training and assessments that meet the needs of learners and the industry.

Adelaide Institute of Hair & Beauty emphasizes our training successful students into work ready. This is achieved by combining the extensive training experience that AIHB brings to the training department; with a remarkable arrangement of commercial platforms, which empowers students to gain valuable industry experience. These facilities include a commercial hair salon,  which will allow AIHB students an exposure to competitive, high pressure environments so that they can become more confident and ultimately more ready for the hairdressing industry.

An excellence and professionalism of Adelaide Institute of Hair & Beauty training, in conjunction with flexible payment plans, flexible start dates and flexible timetables; ensures that there is a course suitable for any student with special needs. This will also make it easier to study if students choose to have a part time job. All of these factors are intended to produce the best educational out-comes for our students.

The goal of all training is to get students into the workforce as soon as possible. At Adelaide Institute of Hair & Beauty we look forward to helping students create the greatest opportunity for a successful career.