SHB30516 - Certificate III in Barbering

Course description

This qualification reflects the role of barbers who use a range of well-developed sales,
consultation and technical skills and knowledge to provide a broad range of barbering services to clients. They use discretion and judgement to provide client services and take responsibility for the outcomes of their own work.

Course purpose

Learner will gain a range of well-developed skills where discretion and judgment is required and are responsible for their own outputs and be responsible for supervision of other employment member and apprentices. Leaner will gain a nationally recognised qualification and provides individuals with a valuable qualification that can be applied throughout Australia and the wider business and customer services community.

Course dates

There are no dates currently scheduled please contact us.


37 weeks


The assessment is conducted using a combination of realistic workplace tasks, knowledge tests, response to case studies and feedback from supervisors. The following provides a brief explanation of the assessment methods are to be applied:

Demonstration / workplace tasks: The student is required to demonstrate a range of skills whilst being observed by, or interacting with, the assessor. The activities will be clearly explained and always relate to duties relevant to the workplace. These activities allow the assessor to observe the student apply their knowledge and skills during practical activity.

Written Report / Case Study: The student is required to produce a range of written records or reports based on real workplace scenarios or based on a case study that is provided by the assessor.

Knowledge Test: The student is required to undertake a number of written knowledge tests over the course of his or her study. These tests will be provided to the student by the assessor at an arranged time and the student will be required to individually complete the test. The student may research their answers from the course training materials and notes as well as relevant workplace references.

Workplace Supervisor Report: Workplace supervisors will be asked to provide feedback about the students performance during a module. The supervisor will receive a briefing at the time the student begins studying each module to inform them of the module requirements.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements to this qualification


It is desirable that students will enter the program after achieving a SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistan or other relevant qualifications. It is acknowledge that many students will have vocational experience in a relevant role that will have provided a suitable preparation for the program.

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway, however, it is not suitable for VETiS delivery.

Delivery mode

Trainer led, one-on one, face to face

Units of Competency

Elective Units
  • BSBSUS201 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • SHBHBAS001 – Provide shampoo and basin services
  • SHBHCUT001 – Design haircut structures
  • SHBHCUT002 – Create one length or solid haircut structures
  • SHBHCUT003 – Create graduated haircut structures
  • SHBHCUT004 – Create layered haircut structures
  • SHBHCUT005 – Cut hair using over-comb techniques
  • SHBHCUT007 – Create combined traditional and classic mens haircut structures
  • SHBHCUT009 – Cut hair using freehand clipper techniques
  • SHBHCUT011 – Design and maintain beards and moustaches
  • SHBHCUT012 – Shave heads and faces
  • SHBHCUT013 – Provide mens general grooming services
  • SHBHDES001 – Dry hair to shape
  • SHBHIND001 – Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas
  • SHBHIND002 – Research and use hairdressing industry information
  • SHBHIND003 – Develop and expand a client base
  • SHBHTRI001 – Identify and treat hair and scalp conditions
  • SHBXCCS001 – Conduct salon financial transactions
  • SHBXCCS002 – Provide salon services to clients
  • SHBXCCS003 – Greet and prepare clients for salon services
  • SHBXIND001 – Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment
  • SHBXIND002 – Communicate as part of a salon team
  • SHBXWHS001 – Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices
  • SIRRINV001 – Receive and handle retail stock
  • SIRRMER001 – Produce visual merchandise displays
  • SIRXSLS001 – Sell to the retail customer


Detailed student information is available within our Participant Handbook which is supplied with the enrolment package and on our website. This booklet contains important information about a students right and obligation such as their right to privacy, a safe training environment and right to complain or appeal an assessment decision. It is important that persons applying for enrolment have had an opportunity to review this information first.

Please contact us and we can send this information to you straight away or apply online

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